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Rambo Amadeus, singer (Montenegro), 27/04/2012

Rambo Amadeus is a true cult figure of the Ex-Yugoslav music scene. The fact that music and humour is never far apart for him is well shown in his 2012 Eurovision entry "Euro Neuro". During his music career he succeeded in remaining clearly distant from the common so called "radio friendly" music, frequently using parody to express his beliefs. He's famous for his crazy jazz-funk music, interesting texts and unpredictable live performances, spiced with brutal satire, which is sometimes standing on the border of stand-up comedy.

His real name is Antonije Pušić, and his stage name itself is made from John Rambo and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He has issued 19 albums, and won numerous prizes, including the Grand Prix at the film festival in Valencia (Spain) for the music theme in the movie "Boomerang" and the Golden Rose at the festival of Montreux. Six years ago Rambo Amadeus was declared for the first ambassador of UNICEF in Montenegro. Lately he used his creativity and fame in order to give his contribution to UNICEF's initiative to create an environment without violence in schools.

Everyone knows: Thou shalt not make thee any graven image. Although everyone had some... Who were the idols of yours, on the way of your life? And what have you got with them?

No idols please. Idolizing is a form of slavery. Idolizing some celebrity is lack of self. Idolizing a political figure is dangerous. Idolizing some artist is wrong kind of respect for his or her art.

They say, everything starts in the childhood. Considering all humanity as a child, what would you like to cultivate in it when being its parent? And how would you do it with the naughty kid?

I am proud father of three sons. But I am not sure about cultivation, sounds too agricultural for me. It is important to guide your kids but it is even more important to leave them alone.

Every kid has his own unique personality, from very early on. So there is no formula. Not even a book. Respect your kid and be yourself.

Sometimes, words are not enough for us to describe how we really feel, what we think, and who we actually are. What feeling, phenomenon, or whatever else would you like to portray, but actually can't do?

I don't really agree here. Describing means using words, so words should be enough. Words have been invented for describing things, there is no better way. If you want me to describe octopus or capitalism using music alone, won't work, would it? Maybe I can draw octopus for you, but certainly not capitalism.

Anyway, I am good with words. And by the way, I am also good with music so I can go to places which are beyond any description.

The motto of our project is: Fire your psychologist! Do you have any idea when people start to really need a psychological intervention, and when they don't need it anymore?

I am not so much into psychology. I think there is too much psychologizing. But some people definitely need help. So I would be cautious about encouraging people to abandon professional help without providing some kind of disclaimer.

Firing your psychologist is not like firing your astrologist. You can be 100% sure that firing your astrologist will not hurt you. But if you have serious psychological problems, firing your psychologist can actually hurt you.

Trying to motivate others, we often say: Stop sitting here, just go and do something. But what exactly should people do? And what do you wish one to "go and do" after reading this interview?

Well, if you are just sitting around then you need to get up and do something. I suggest some open air recreation like cycling or swimming. Stay cool like a swimming pool!

Official website: http://www.ramboamadeus.com
Source of pictures: http://www.ramboamadeus.com

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