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Leigh J. McCloskey, actor (USA), 05/05/2009

Leigh considers his acting career to be his patron. There were more than 60 roles played by Leigh in films and on television since 1975: Dallas, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Babylon 5, The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, Murder She Wrote, Inferno, Cameron's Closet, etc. His success as an actor has given him the opportunity to work as an artist unfettered by the demands and ever-changing tastes of the contemporary art world.

In many ways Leigh J. McCloskey is a modern Renaissance Man. His interest, knowledge and learning ranges from history, religion, mythology and esotericism to string theory, quantum physics and the multidimensional nature of consciousness. He has deeply studied Hermeticism, Alchemy and Kabbalah and has hosted a twice weekly salon at his home for over twenty years.

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When you cried last time and, if no secret, for what reason?

I find myself weeping at times when the enormous sadness and difficulty of the human condition sweeps over me and my personal sensibilities. There are times such as when our country tortures that I feel the soul of America, the dreams of the Founding Fathers, the voices of Emerson and Whitman and Robinson Jeffers and Henry Miller cry out with fury that such smallness masquerades as a hero or protector and that our dream is greater than this fear.

My tears usually only run now when I feel a type of collective heartache and sorrow and know that we the living must detoxify through our lives and difficulties the darkness and misunderstanding not simply of ourselves or this time but of all humankind across all ages as we are its outer face in time riding upon the body of all humanity.

I have devoted and cultivated my life based upon not simply the freedom of expression but also an insistence for the freedom of ideas, and always questioned what is it that we are expressing and why. This perception of my responsibility toward not simply personal freedom but human imaginative freedom has grown over the years to reveal through artistry and discipline that creativity is true science, imagination true religion and love the only truth.

This is why I have created a great body of work that anchors with art and love within my home, a conscious growing ideal philosophical seed and ark of human consciousness as a thought experiment that began on the 11th of September 2001. It is called 'Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance', or OFFER.

I am creating in deed and with attention a conscious patterning of freedom of expression that reveals that the individual must accept absolute responsibility for that which is expressed, no ends justify any means and no gods forgive any inhuman behavior. We are the garden we cultivate and it is time to become more interesting gardeners tending more dynamic seeds of what it means to be human and what our individual and shared responsibilities are to each other and Mother Earth.

There are some events during our life, when it seems as there is no way out. That could be tragic circumstances or such assessment of them. At that time, what's the thing to do?

Getting out of this place alive is hopeless. We are all going to die, some of us soon, some later, but to death and through death’s door we shall all march, stumble or be carried, but die we will. That frames for me the scenarios of hopelessness.

Conditions seem hopeless and often times are, but the human heart that recognizes that all things must pass relinquishes fear of the possible dark and until the last breath contrives and fashions ideas that kindle the light of possibility of another path, another hope. With maturity comes the realization that those around one die, get sick, can not be helped, will not be reasoned with or fought against, people are simply themselves and conditions are what they are.

Life insists on a type of mental martial art meaning that often the gravity of a problem if dwelled upon will draw one into despair and collapse. On the other hand, the gravity can be a countervailing force that one uses not to react toward the problem but to create the very things that can grow another solution and make the hopelessness lose its capacity to convince one to despair. All is a play of consciousness and all forms and reality exist now, thus what we choose to dwell upon and believe to be true will become our reality and our path.

Could you please choose any event of last days, weeks or months, that has distressed you? It can be any happening on a local or international scale. How could you comment on it?

I am using my distress over the old framing of reality that is still being asserted by the major media-ocrity minds flooding the airwaves and idea streams with greater and greater vulgarity, cruelty, narcissism and fear and applying Aikido principles. I acknowledge the feeling and the outrage over so many things in this old world mind that is collapsing and trying desperately to hold its grip through terror and banality. I see it and it is a world no longer worthy. I do not believe in it or its values. I will pay my taxes and obey the laws, but I will not for a minute say that the storytellers and reality cops of the age have it right.

They don’t and the old ways will discover that their tactics are like trying to stop a gale force wind with a feather. The mental martial art here reveals that the world as presented and supposedly desired becomes ever more ridiculous and not worth my energy. I have been told to be afraid by those who profit from fear for so long that, like in a bad dream, I’ve awakened and I am unafraid. I oppose nothing.

That which is corrupt is devouring itself and that which holds the blossom of future times and the hope for the ages is finding its weave and we are emerging and will emerge as renaissance, rebirth, like Spring assuredly follows Winter. So as far as distress I say use it, don’t fret. If you are to die you will.

So, in the meantime, as you live and with every breath, choose to say yes when others say no and boldly build the model of human that you want to see in the world. Begin with yourself. You’ll become so busy with the possibility of new directions you will forget your distress and appreciate that being human is difficult. We all have distress and fear and if this is so, then it is just part of the journey. So keep moving and, like weather, all conditions change.

There's always a new danger watching for humanity in its way, always a new temptation we're ready succumb to. What's the danger of our days? And what's the way to avoid this trap?

The danger is not things or temptation. These are archetypal and constant, cultures and civilizations change the costume of these impulses and desires, but it is always the same archetypal actors and the same mythic journey played out within a different symbolical landscape and timeframe, like variations on a theme of what it means to be human.

I see danger all around and fear it not at all. It reminds me of the middle ages or the early renaissance when your life could be taken for no particular reason and yet there was great intellectual vibrancy and creative discourse, proven with gothic cathedrals and later renaissance painting. So danger is constant and not to be avoided but seen as a catalyst. Danger is an activating force and if times are dangerous let us use these heightened energies to build with new clarity and vision a greater portrait of self that doesn’t try to avoid, but uses all energies as a means to bring forth unique solutions and creative epiphanies.

I say this because it was the danger and darkness of September 11th and the apocalyptic storytellers of that time that started me upon my path of giving birth to the 'Watcher Language' and its weaving through my brush and pen my 3D painted studio and library-wonder-study called the 'Hieroglyph of the Human Soul' (see: leighmccloskey.com). This darkness, fear, distress and danger have in my world and life all been alchemical ingredients necessary to bring forth creative vision and ancient genius.

What are the main obstructions to apply humanities principles at our today's life? Could they be solved?

I think the greatest obstacle for the human species is that for thousands of years it has been taught that it is incomplete, sinful, karmically imprisoned, born of an ape and from pond slime. Very different than cultures that taught they came forth from gods. The present world proves that the ideas that one tends with fear and repetition are the worlds one brings forth.

Since we are all to die no matter what we do it makes sense to me to choose while here if only simply for the sake of the more interesting theatre of being human, to boldly, with artistry and beauty of idea to pronounce that we as humans are capable of wonder, capable of infinite and joyous knowing that each individual must take responsibility for the worlds he is growing with life’s continual maelstroms of hopes and fears.

I say to all of us that we are the garden of human possibility and we are its gardeners, I have tended the soil of my life and I now present what has grown as my art and writing, my philosophy and my love of human imagination and creative adventure.

I would like to suggest my work on the archetypal landscapes of entity and mind as revealed in my book and drawings that took me seventeen years to create and birth entitled, 'Tarot ReVisioned' and my third book, 'Adam Reborn & Eve Restored: A Romance in Two Parts', which erupted as a spontaneous mythically beautiful and healing retelling of the story of genesis that occurred as a creative epiphany while painting Eve. In my book I illustrated this story with pictures from the mythic depths of my painted studio, the 'Hieroglyph of the Human Soul' (see: leighmccloskey.com).

I have for many years remained private and passionately engaged away from the world cultivating 'Olandar' and my art, but now it is time for the storytellers of the yes of things to step forward and begin telling more healing stories of who and what we are and what our purpose is as an ancient species of consciousness. I have no allegiance to the old forms and agreements and thus declare, let the renaissance begin with me, shall be our motto (please see: 'Notes on the Emerging Renaissance' on leighmccloskey.com).

Thank you, may you be inspired, live examined lives and seek the heart of your dreams because in so doing the heart of your dreams will seek you!

Official website: http://www.leighmccloskey.com
Source of pictures: Google Images

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